Air operated Double diaphragm pump

Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump Manufacturer / AODD Pump Supplier

Having years of experience we bring forth excellent quality of Air operated double diaphragm pump in Ahmedabad, India. As best supplier of AODD Pump provided double diaphragm pump is manufactured under the stern vigilance of our best professional team using superior quality component and pioneered technology in tune with international market norms. An AODD pump is a type of positive displacement pump which uses compressed air as power source. Asha Technocrats double diaphragm pump are air operated they can be used in hazardous areas or for flammable materials. Designed to use in application requiring large volume transfer in a very short time. The offered Air operated Double diaphragm pumps are used in facilities in sizes and in a variety of different industries. Utilized in various industries like food and beverages, waste water treatment and having good suction lift characteristic and can handles sludges or slurries with the relatively high amount of solid content. AODD pump is also known to handle highly viscous liquid. Moreover, we offer this pump at a very nominal rate.

Features of Air operated double diaphragm pump

  • AODD pump are able to run dry without damage of pump
  • Utilized in numerous application
  • Even large shear sensitive solid without degradation or heat built up transferred to pumped medium
  • Varying of the air supply to the pump will very the flow rate and pressure that the diaphragm pump produces
  • Air pump are totally contained and leak free
  • The pump is simple non-technical require no special training
  • maintenance free
  • Designed to be anti-stalling and anti-freezing which assist allowing the AODD pump to continuously operate.
  • No Electrical power and auxiliary requirement which means safe and can be operated in many hazardous situation application like underground coal mines
  • AODD models can be fully submerged using submersible pump, both the liquid path and external component must be compatible with the material in which pump will be submersed.

Application of Air operated double diaphragm pump

  • AODD pumps utilized for ceramic slurry transfer
  • Tank cleaning
  • Used in chemical, mining construction, cement, food pharmacy,  and marine
  • Effluent transfer pump, sewage / sludge transfer pump
  • Negative suction pump underground tank
  • Filter presses
  • waste water treatment
  • painting coating
  • cosmetic and cleaning
  • semiconductor  and cleaning
  • textile and tanning
  • pulp and paper

Last Updated: 23-Nov-2020 [VinAnk]